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Cara y Corazon – a program for engaging families


Our Pathways to Success (P2S) Program is pleased to announce the addition of the “Cara y Corazón” (Face and Heart) program model to its current lineup of services to support parental engagement among Latino youth and families in the metro area.

Cara y Corazón focuses on strengthening the parent-child relationship and of reintegrating family traditions and values to support the unity and harmony of the family.  The model is based on the teachings of Jerry Tello, internationally recognized expert, and is made possible at the Latino Center of the Midlands thanks to the generosity of The Sherwood Foundation.

The program is held on Thursday evenings from 5:30 pm – 7 pm.  The program is presented in Spanish and is ongoing to give parents the opportunity to integrate into the group at any time.  Much of the program focuses on identifying opportunities for families to reconnect with their own personal, family and cultural strengths to guide and support their loved ones in their daily lives.

Cara y Corazón is facilitated by Family Strengthening Coach, Leticia Crisman.   P2S has found that family functioning also affects regular school attendance. The Coach also provides family support services including advocacy and school involvement strategies.

Families interested in participating in Cara y Corazón are encouraged to contact Leticia Crisman at (402) 733-2720 or via email to


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