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Latino Center of the Midlands Celebrates Students in GED Graduation and Recognition Ceremony

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Latino Center of the Midlands Celebrates Students in GED Graduation and Recognition Ceremony

Omaha, Neb., July 4, 2016—The educational achievements of adult students were celebrated before family members and guests at a GED Graduation and Recognition Ceremony organized by the Latino Center of the Midlands’ Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program on Sunday, July 3.

The ceremony, which took place at the Metropolitan Community College Connector Building in the South Omaha Campus, recognized adult students who have passed their official GED exams and obtained their GED certificate as well as those students who have completed an Adult Basic Education class this year at the Latino Center of the Midlands.  The ceremony was made possible through the generous support of the Lincoln Financial Foundation.

Latino Center of the Midlands (LCM) has provided GED instruction since 2004 and more than 1,200 adult learners have benefitted from this program.  Additional classes provided by the Adult Basic Education program include Pre-GED, Literacy, English as a Second Language, and Computer Literacy.  In 2015, the ABE program served 456 unduplicated adult learners.  Classes at the LCM are supported by United Way of the Midlands, Lincoln Financial Foundation, The Sokolof Foundation, and First National Bank.

“We believe that education is the foundation that builds strong individuals, strong families, and in turn, strong communities.  So, whether it is a student taking computer literacy courses to live in our ever changing technological world or the need is to obtain high school education, the Adult Basic Education program is empowering students to equip themselves with the skills to advance in today’s workforce,” said Carolina Quezada, Executive Director of the Latino Center of the Midlands.  “We were honored to coordinate this first annual graduation and recognition ceremony and highly commend the efforts of each of our students in reaching their goals,” said Quezada.

For adult learners like Maria Quiroz, obtaining her GED and being recognized for her efforts, serves as a great motivational tool not only for herself, but for her entire family.  “I have three children who have already graduated from high school. For them to see me at the GED graduation ceremony and being recognized for my efforts was very emotional,” said Maria Quiroz.    “I never thought I could achieve this because of my age. I had always devoted myself to work and didn’t see an education as an option.  Thanks to the fact that I came to the Latino Center of the Midlands for support in studying for my U.S. Citizenship exam, I learned I could also study for the GED.  I am happy to say that I have accomplished much thanks to the support from the Latino Center of the Midlands.  I am now a U.S. citizen and a GED graduate. Before I couldn’t apply for jobs that asked for a minimum high school diploma and now my educational and employment opportunities have expanded,” said Quiroz.

GED students who demonstrate readiness to take the official GED exams receive assistance to register for the exams online. Students choose to take their exams at a testing center most convenient to them.  One of these locations includes Metropolitan Community College (MCC), whom the Latino Center of the Midlands has partnered with to make this graduation ceremony possible.  “MCC is proud to partner with the Latino Center of the Midlands to help the GED student look towards their future and achieve their career goals,” said Tammy Green, Grants Program Manager at Metropolitan Community College. “The next step to achieving those goals is through the excellent educational certifications and degrees at MCC,” said Green.

Other satellite locations for the GED program include inCOMMON Community Development, The Salvation Army Kroc Center, and Liberty Elementary through a partnership with Completely Kids. For more information about the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program, please contact Raul Muñoz, ABE Program Director, at



About Latino Center of the Midlands:

The mission of the Latino Center of the Midlands is to enhance the lives of the Heartland Latino Community by supporting the education and development of our youth and adults; promoting comprehensive engagement of our families in all facets of their lives; and by fostering leadership through a variety of services and activities. Our vision is to empower youth and families through education and awareness to build a stronger and more engaged community.  For more information, contact Juliana Garza at


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