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Welcome to our Fall 2016 Newsletter!

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Latino Center of the Midlands Fall 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As much as it is always exciting to present you all with the latest news from the Latino Center of the Midlands (LCM), this is also a sad moment for me as it is my last newsletter message.  I will be leaving the LCM in January 2017 and, as such, my focus at the moment is on transitioning.  Soon, along with the board of directors, I look forward to welcoming a new Executive Director.

Throughout my almost-5 ½ year tenure at the LCM, my admiration for our students and the resiliency of the Latino community has only grown.  Our mission to work with  a growing Latino community (both immigrant and multi-generational, in its origin) has taught me that our efforts to increase opportunities for learning, self-discovery, and engagement remain very important and relevant in our ‘comunidad’ (community).

Among the most rewarding aspects of my experience has been working alongside a dedicated group of colleagues who fulfill our mission every day.  My utmost respect goes to the staff of the Latino Center of the Midlands who truly see themselves in the lives of those they serve and who authentically “walk a mile in the shoes of others.”

I have also learned that we truly never work alone:  our mission is congruent and complimentary to that of other organizations that are working to affect change for the better.  Thank you to all of the community partners who have answered our call to collaborate and to those who have sought our partnership.

We share our successes with our funders and donors whose investments and contributions ensure that the LCM continues to serve the community.

It has been my privilege to serve as Executive Director of this institution that has given so much to this community.  I look forward to supporting the Latino Center of the Midlands for years to come and I hope you join me in this endeavor.

Please enjoy this newsletter and continue to support our mission!

Con mucho respeto (with much respect),

Carolina Quezada
Executive Director

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